My 1st Adult Haircut

I came across these photos on an old MySpace page I had. That year (2007) I cut my hair because I was starting college. Time flies!


Elita J. – Reign (Video)

Point Of View – IG Series

IMG_6617.jpgI’m starting a new series called Point of View. I’ll only be releasing it on Instagram.

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My Thoughts #6

   I recently completed a 5 day fast and my perception changed on a lot. The amount of positive energy flow I’ve gotten from fasting is amazing. Recently I got a place in West Palm Beach, FL and from the second I landed here I’ve been eating garbage. I’m not judging anyone’s eating habits but here is what I consider garbage. Going weeks without eating anything beneficial to you but surviving on empty calories. To make it worst, this is mostly the food you crave. Pizza, pasta, snacks, juice, red meat, just to name a few.

   After completing this fast here’s is one thing I feel strongly.  HEALTH IS NOT AT YOUR DOCTOR’S OFFICE. Being a cancer survivor I realized that hospitals can sell you a quick solution to mask your problem but they don’t take enough time to promote a healthier lifestyle change for their patients. There’s a lot more they can do to offer a REAL long term solution. I can’t give the blame fully to the medical establishments because the insurance companies do not support these things either.

   Insurance should allocate money toward meal planning and exercising alongside the pharmaceuticals. I won’t mention the name of these establishments, but I was feeling a little sluggish everyday, along with other symptoms, and visiting 3 doctors I received 3 diagnosis with 3 different prescriptions. Not one of them mentioned that my lifestyle could be the cause of discomfort. After doing my own research, the only thing constantly coming up was food. Now having fasted 5 days, I don’t feel any of those symptoms any longer.  The moral here is don’t rely on medicine and pharmaceuticals dictate your health. Prescriptions lead to profits and being healthy would lead to a decline in the medical worlds. Your body is your temple and you are in full control.  Your doctor may have answers but they are not the answer. Eat better, be active, be better. #MontsRealPharmaceuticals-vs.-Natural-Remedies

3 Eyes Open

Permanent decisions blinded by temporary moments… Losing my logic through a range of conflicting emotions… Thinking of profits but my reality is impoverished… So to cope I light up magic while sipping my potion.. Caution, this mind is unstable unless there’s Pesos.. Giving gifts from wisdom to wings and halos… I chill cause my heart cold but hot with each word spoke.. Could’ve been a chemistry major, mixing liquids and powders.. But instead with wisdom and knowledge.. I got through college with the liquids and powders.. Lol just goes to show I can be anyone I want.. As long as my mind is focused.. If I’m crossed in the dark I let the light expose them.. I won from the start but there’s no fast forward.. I’m God chosen 3 eyes open…

My Thoughts Entry #5

  Have you ever done a favor for someone else that put you in a situation you had to figure out on your own? That’s a constant battle with me. I have zero problems committing to something that may help someone else but that same generous gestures seem to darken my heart each time the tables turn. Here is how I feel about favors, I don’t ask for them. It’s either you hear a stream of complaints or you hear silence once that favor has placed you in a jam. Even worse, some will hate you and bash your character because the favor wasn’t done to their expectation. The worse kind is the one who uses the favor as leverage for another favor. If someone comes to you for help, usually it means they need help, not more work added to their already active problem.

  Unless it’s life or death, prior to asking for a favor, try and find the drive to accomplish it on your own. It doesn’t matter which side of the favor you’re on, there’s a chance it will leave a bad taste behind. Team work makes the dream work but depending on the players, team work can make the dream worse. Choose wisely. #MontsReal 

“We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.” -Thucydides