Sensory Deprivation 

Today I decided to try “Sensory Deprivation”. I came across this browsing the web a while back.The idea is that you lay down in body temperature water and epsom salt and your body temp and the water will sync taking away the feeling of your physical body. The goal is to reach a zen state where you are able to focus on only your thoughts.

Here is how my experience went. At first it took me a while to find a comfortable position in the water. The best way to compare it is laying in bed. As a whole I felt as if I was in 0 gravity but my body still new that my position wasn’t working. Once I found my position the rest of the time was pretty relaxing. I zoned out after while. I started thinking about stuff I had forgotten about, planning new ideas, reminisced on past moments then everything stopped. It was as if I was nowhere. I wasn’t even real. Only thing that excited was whatever was on my mind at the moment. We’ll fast forward a bit because I’m not going to bore you with my interest.

Once I was done I went about my day and the feeling stayed with me. For the larger part of the afternoon I felt as if I was floating and my limbs felt like Jello. I’d definitely recommend trying it. I’m planning on scheduling a float once a month. If you’ve tried it share your float stories with me!!


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