3 Eyes Open

Permanent decisions blinded by temporary moments… Losing my logic through a range of conflicting emotions… Thinking of profits but my reality is impoverished… So to cope I light up magic while sipping my potion.. Caution, this mind is unstable unless there’s Pesos.. Giving gifts from wisdom to wings and halos… I chill cause my heart cold but hot with each word spoke.. Could’ve been a chemistry major, mixing liquids and powders.. But instead with wisdom and knowledge.. I got through college with the liquids and powders.. Lol just goes to show I can be anyone I want.. As long as my mind is focused.. If I’m crossed in the dark I let the light expose them.. I won from the start but there’s no fast forward.. I’m God chosen 3 eyes open…


One Comment on “3 Eyes Open

  1. Hello Marvin! I don’t know why it took me so long to check out your work, I am quite impressed. There is nothing more beautiful then a conscious individual these days. Glad that you have gotten to this point, keep it up, more power to you bro.

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