My Thoughts Entry #5

  Have you ever done a favor for someone else that put you in a situation you had to figure out on your own? That’s a constant battle with me. I have zero problems committing to something that may help someone else but that same generous gestures seem to darken my heart each time the tables turn. Here is how I feel about favors, I don’t ask for them. It’s either you hear a stream of complaints or you hear silence once that favor has placed you in a jam. Even worse, some will hate you and bash your character because the favor wasn’t done to their expectation. The worse kind is the one who uses the favor as leverage for another favor. If someone comes to you for help, usually it means they need help, not more work added to their already active problem.

  Unless it’s life or death, prior to asking for a favor, try and find the drive to accomplish it on your own. It doesn’t matter which side of the favor you’re on, there’s a chance it will leave a bad taste behind. Team work makes the dream work but depending on the players, team work can make the dream worse. Choose wisely. #MontsReal 

“We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.” -Thucydides



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