Happy New Years!

For the past year I’ve been seeking awareness. Looking to spend more time in the present moment, I learned to listen to my inner voice which lead me to this entry. Starting with a clear mindstate for what’s to come, I’ve decided to hold myself accountable for me. A lot of positive and negative things happened in 2015 and years prior, but today I hold myself accountable. I’ve accepted all my faults. I’ve come to make peace with my demons. To start, I don’t think there are words to express the amount of gratitude I feel towards all of those who played a part into creating this story. With genuine intention I thank all of those who have supported me in my journey. My God, my family, & my friends. Clearing my heart from all negativity I forgive all of those who have taken away from me. Intentionally or unintentionally. Letting go of the old, appreciating the current, and looking forward to the new. I wish you all a year of positivity and the manifestation of all of your dreams for 2016 and years to come. #AllHail


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