Everything Goodlife

EGL FrontEverything Goodlife is a compilation album of Marvin Monts joined by Leo Sins, Mack Sauce, Raux Woodro, and others. Filled with smooth, catchy, and gritty songs, this compilation includes production with talents such as Product of Propaganda, EK Tracks, JJL, and others. Marvin’s mellow, witty, and at times cocky flow brings a new light to previous works done by Goodlife. Everything Goodlife is available on Bandcamp, LastFM, Spotify and many more online music powerhouses. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we enjoyed making it. #EverythingGoodlife


1.Dirty Memoirs (Starring GLF) 03:45

2.7:45 03:15

3.Puffin At The Moon (Starring Leo Sins) 03:57

4.Nina (Feat. Leo Sins) 03:16

5.Single Life (Starring Mack) 03:37

6.Once Real (Feat. Shush Jones) 03:30

7.PSA (Starring Vee) 01:26

8.Crushed Groove (Feat. Leo Sins x Mack) 04:37

9.With Me (Feat. Leo Sins) 04:17

10.Fat Boy Skit 01:50

11.A Song About You (Feat. Raux) 03:06

12.Painted Picture (Starring Raux) 01:19

13.Everything GoodLife 01:56

14.High Rise (Feat. Leo Sins X Mack) 09:04